Clo investimentos

How to close an individual investment account

The closing of an individual investment account takes place according to two radically different scenarios: before the expiration of 3 years and after the deadline. In any case, a good reason is needed to make such a decision, since the most profitable policy is to continue to use investments to extract maximum income.

Closing ahead of schedule

How to close an IIS is determined by the regulations established by the bank or broker, as well as several general rules. Since the service contract is concluded indefinitely, the investment period is not limited by law.

The reason to close the IIS can only be the decision of its owner. In some cases, early closure is justified, but it can be avoided. It:

  • bankruptcy of a broker;
  • unsuccessful investment (low-yielding or unprofitable);
  • urgent need for money.
  • If a brokerage or management company goes bankrupt, then the securities remain in your possession. The broker acts only as an intermediary in transactions on the stock exchange. Assets are kept in a repo account with a depository. Closing in this case is not required, it is enough to change the intermediary. To do this, the transfer procedure is used, and the life of the account is extended.

If the investment turned out to be unprofitable, the owner has the right to withdraw his funds and close the IIS. If 3 years have not yet passed, then such a decision will entail additional financial losses, since it will not be possible to fully use the tax deduction.

If, under the terms of the contract, even in the absence of operations, a monthly fee is charged, then it is more profitable to terminate it.

How to withdraw money early

It is not possible to withdraw part of the deposit from the investment account. You can withdraw money only when the IIS is liquidated. The only exception is if the contract contains an indication of the regular withdrawal of income from bonds or dividends on shares with payment to the owner. The withdrawal of money does not occur instantly, the wait can last up to 30 days.

In liquidation, the assets are sold. Part can be transferred to a regular account if the broker allows such transactions. A fee is charged for the transfer. To withdraw funds, a non-trading order is submitted. Issues of tax deductions are resolved in the Federal Tax Service.

If type B was used, then the owner loses the possible benefit that he could receive as a result of the release of his profit from personal income tax. Additional fines and penalties will not have to be paid.

If a benefit of type A was used, and part of the payments has already been received, then you will have to return these funds, as well as pay penalties accrued for late payment of tax. They are calculated for each day from the moment when the return of the Federal Tax Service was received until the return transfer of funds.

The penalty per day is 1/300 of the key rate of the Central Bank. If no Type A benefit application has been submitted, no action is required.

How to terminate a contract after three years

If the period specified by law for obtaining tax benefits has already expired, then the owner of the IIS can close it without loss. For this, there should be no unclosed orders, positions, deals, commissions.

In such a situation, a denial of service application is submitted, accompanied by a copy of the passport (which must be presented at the time of application), as well as documents that the company or bank will require. Usually this is a questionnaire that a specialist from the office of the intermediary company helps to fill out.

According to type A, upon termination of the contract, the bank or the management company calculates taxes in the usual way. The return of these funds is handled by the tax service. It is necessary to indicate in the questionnaire that tax deductions will be processed and received by the Federal Tax Service. Money and assets from the client’s trading account are withdrawn to the main or bank account.

Procedure for opening an investment account

An individual investment account is a type of brokerage account with certain tax benefits. Each state establishes its own rules for working with IIS, in particular, it provides for the maximum amount of investments and the maximum amount of tax deduction that can be received during the year.

IIS allow you to invest in shares and other securities, currencies of different countries, precious metals and other assets.

Services for opening investment accounts for Russian citizens are provided by both domestic and foreign brokerage and management companies. In addition, a bank can also act as a broker if it has the appropriate license. But most often banking institutions resort to the services of investment companies.

There are several ways to draw up an agreement: during a personal visit to the office of the managing organization or remotely. In the latter case, all necessary documents are submitted electronically.

In order to open the IIS, you must:

  • choose a bank, brokerage or management company;
  • prepare documents in accordance with the recommendations of a particular organization;
  • wait for the consideration of the application;
  • sign an agreement for the provision of services or (in case of electronic registration of IIS) follow the activation link.

The management company will ask the client to sign papers, on the basis of which the investment will be managed in the future:

  • a questionnaire with basic information about the owner of the IIS;
  • declaration of possible risks;
  • appointment of a DEPO operator to issue permits for depository transactions;
  • a protocol with a list of sites where trading operations are allowed.

Usually, all these documents are available in the “Personal Account” on the official website of the management company. If necessary, you can order their delivery in paper form.

How are foreign investment accounts funded

In almost 80% of cases, IIS is replenished using bank transfers. In addition, there is a system for automatically debiting funds from the bank card specified in the agreement under the unit-linked program, but this option is not always applicable when working with foreign brokerage companies.

Payment details can always be found on the official website of the broker. Please note that transfers abroad have their own specifics, and in case of doubt, bank officials may require additional documents to confirm the purpose and purpose of the money transfer.

In some cases, to make regular payments, it is recommended to open a foreign currency account – in this case, losses on commissions of banking intermediaries when transferring money abroad are minimized. As a rule, financial institutions do not charge a fee for the opening itself, but annual maintenance will have to be paid.

Features of currency control

However, in order to insure against unpleasant situations, you can prepare and submit to the bank the accompanying documents in advance, for example: a contract for brokerage services, opening an IIS abroad.

Carrying out transactions with IIS

After the receipt of money on the IIS, the owner can conduct investment transactions: invest in the purchase of securities, sell them, and acquire other assets.

This can be done through the official website of the broker, a mobile application or special programs for a home PC, as well as through voice instructions on the phone.

At the same time, at the time of the transaction, money is not debited from the IIS. The price, the conditions of the operation are fixed instantly, but the write-off occurs in two days.

At the same time, even if the situation on the market changes, the amount that was indicated in the terms of the transaction will be withdrawn from the account. The situation is similar with the transfer of funds.


To transfer money from an investment account to a current account, it is enough to issue a corresponding request through the “Personal Account” or a mobile application. It indicates the amount to be withdrawn, as well as the details for a bank transfer.

For large amounts of withdrawal, employees of the brokerage company can contact the owner of the IIS to confirm the intention and details of the future operation.